Richard Murphy — Biography

Richard Muphy

Richard Murphy was born in the small east Texas town of Jacksonville. He grew up in Houston, Texas, where his interest in art began at an early age.

"I remember as a kid going to the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. They had a large Frederic Remington collection and I was in awe of his paintings. I would find the room his paintings were in and just stare at them until someone would come and tell me we had to go."

Richard attended Lon Morris College and Texas Academy of Art. After graduating with honors from Texas Academy of Art, he began a career in advertising as an art director, illustrator, and designer."

"My advertising background gave me some good work habits and countless hours of drawing and illustrating."

After many years in advertising, Murphy taught art at the Art Institute of Houston.

"Teaching art was a nice change from advertising. It was fun for a while but I got tired of it after a few years and wanted some new challenges."

About 1985, Murphy moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to began a career as a fine artist.

"When I decided I wanted to paint, I studied the artists all over the United States. I found the Southwest artists were the ones I identified with the most and the area had the most inspiring landscapes anyone could hope for."

Since 1985, Richard has been painting and showing in some of the finest galleries in the southwest. He is one of the premier artists in the country.

Constantly looking for new challenges in life and art, Richard now is living in a small colonial village in Mexico.

"I find Mexico offers a lot to an artist. It is a beautiful country with wonderful people. When my daughter was 5 years old I brought her here on a painting trip. Her childhood was spent in Mexico and Santa Fe. Now that she is an adult, I am fortunate to be able to live and work in this beautiful village."

Richard Murphy's paintings are included in numerous corporate and private collections in the United States and abroad.

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